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That "guy" and his mother are at it again.  He sent me the following letter talking about my façade and dark soul.  Can you believe it?  Here is the letter.

 -- 000 ---
 Re: An open letter to Steve Korch, Western Seminary, et al., and made available to members of the Christian Church.

The victim of your child molestation activities in 1975 contacted me to review the changes you made to your website.

I see you blame Carol and me for your ongoing corrupt lifestyle.  When has this actually worked for you?

You cite Dr. Cloud’s work regarding “Necessary Endings.”  According to this work, there are wise, foolish and evil people.
1.     Wise people accept their weaknesses, avoid defensiveness, shun excuses, and model transparency.
2.     A fool is someone who does almost the opposite of a wise person in every situation.
3.     Evil people are plain evil.

Pay close attention to this highlighted section Steve:

Your actions to cover up your ongoing corruptions and fraud, with others at Western Seminary, ATS et al, NWCCU et al, and the U.S. Government has now damaged many more lives.  The religious frauds you work with and involved yourself with, have an ongoing history of saying and doing anything to cover up their truly dark evil souls. You and they demand this façade.

The Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release you demand requires everything covered up, because it is you Steve that doesn’t want to answer for what you have done or continue to do, and most importantly, it is you that is willing to destroy anyone that gets in your way so that you can maintain the façade.

I hate to make this point out publically, but I will -- my mother and I want nothing to do with you or Western Seminary, Lynn Ruark, Gary Tuck or others connected to the school.  The Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release you and others demand be upheld, creates a relationship -- in fact it creates a legal relationship.  It is that relationship that we are at odds with.

Since 2007, my mother and I fought to end that relationship, while you, Gary Tuck, Lynn Ruark and Western Seminary fought to enforce it.  In fact and in truth, Randal Roberts and Bert Downs got ATS et al, and NWCCU et al to collude with the school against me and the government – impacting the two lawsuits my mother and I filed to end the relationship!

We are here at this point, because of the trickery and deceit Margaret Spellings enacted at the federal level, the Obama Administration acted to defend, the trickery and deceit both ATS and NWCCU acted to support and cover up for you and Western Seminary et al and the involvement of three insurance companies attempting to cover for each other, while attempting to reduce their pay out.

It is you Steve, along with Gary Tuck, Lynn Ruark and Western Seminary that demand a relationship with Carol and me.  So hell bent are you that you and others will go to any length possible to force this relationship, while we have worked to end it.  What you and others have been doing for all these years makes no sense.  History has shown repeatedly, you cannot “control” people. The Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release is about control and relationship Steve.  It demands what can or cannot be said.  It demands money if not followed.  It makes demands that are illegal.  You used this, with others to “control” Carol and me, while at the same time, used the time to settle with Western Seminary concerning being outed as a child molester – this is your own testimony.

You and Western Seminary et al were unable to set aside the fraud cause of action in my mother’s case.  Had you “released her” from the legal relationship you, Gary Tuck, Lynn Ruark and Western Seminary demand, it is reasonable to assert that my 75 year old mother would have gone on living her life away from you.  Why is this so difficult for you and others to understand?  She actually has better things to do than think about you Steve.

Had you and Western Seminary et al “released me” from the legal relationship you, Gary Tuck, Lynn Ruark and Western Seminary demand, all the events AFTER May 10, 2010 would have been much different and had the release been done earlier than that, clearly my mother and I would never had learned all the additional corruption that Western Seminary et al was involved in.  I would have gone on with Susan and our son Joel in peace, living in England and the US – having set aside and moved on from a clearly destructive and abuse relationship involving you and others at Western Seminary.

A wise person would have recognized this, like my mother and I did years ago – because Religious frauds and people who don’t want to be involved with Religious frauds don’t mix.  A fool like you and Western Seminary, et al., rejects this wisdom.  Religious frauds like you and others at Western Seminary like to control others.  Evil people such as yourself, do whatever it takes to damage anyone in the process.  The point that you fail to grasp this is not my problem; the problem IS that you enforce this relationship we don’t want.

Carol and I don’t want a relationship with you or anyone at Western Seminary. We now have the evidences that demonstrate that you and Western Seminary et al, ATS et al, NWCCU et al and the Feds lied to both the public and courts – that there is no authority to have done what was claimed in the agreement.  Because we now have these proofs, things have changed for Carol and I as you notice.  There is nothing stopping us from exposing everything – about your marriage, your publishing, your work history, your time in the army, everything.  The same goes for the rest of those involved – the whole case Steve, the whole case.  I am not afraid to talk about my failures - while you are the one that demands everything is covered up.

You caused this upon yourself Steve.  You are going to be exposed for the fraud you are and it is going to be very costly as a result as you have already noticed.  While you seem to have clarity of enlightenment regarding some of the themes in the book, your history suggested being unable to realize that at the center of this, is your need to control and cover the darkness in your life.  As Bard Marshall noted to you on Jan 19, 2006: "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account." - Heb 4:13, NIV.

By acting to damage and destroy me, you have acted to damage and destroy yourself.

Perhaps someday you will realize that having continued with your and Western’s immoral cultish abuse towards Carol and me was not wise, made things worse and will now become completely out of control.  But as history has now shown, the longer you fail to learn this lesson, the worse things fall back onto you as a result.

Consider Pastor Chuck O’Neal of Portland, OR.

In 2011 and 2012, Smith published on her blog and other websites critiques of the church leadership and barbs aimed at O'Neal. She wrote of "control tactics" and "narcissism in the pulpit" and referred to the church as a "cult." She aired allegations that it had turned a "blind eye" to "known sex offenders" by giving them access to children. 
"Something creepy about this church," she wrote in December 2011. 
Others posted their own criticisms, and in February 2012, O'Neal and Beaverton Grace filed a defamation suit against Smith and four other ex-members. "I was floored," Smith says. 
O'Neal says the criticisms by former church members that led to his legal action do not compare to his own exercise of the First Amendment outside the Lovejoy Surgicenter.
"This kind of thing isn't free speech," O'Neal says. "Destroying people with abuse and lies is not free speech." 
A Washington County circuit judge threw out the lawsuit after six months, ruling that the ex-members' comments were protected speech. The judge ordered Beaverton Grace Bible Church to pay the legal fees of the defendants. (The costs for two defendants alone were $16,750.) 
O'Neal says his dispute with ex-members whom he sued is not over. His wife carries printed cards with her side of the story, and he says she has been distributing them in Beaverton neighborhoods and at another church. 
Smith says she does not see an end in sight. "I'm not free from this guy," she says.

Who is the wise, foolish and evil person in that story Steve?  Want to force this relationship Steve?  Want to use control tactics?  Want to leverage the corruption of ATS, NWCCU and the Obama Administration to cause as much damage to Carol and me and anyone involved with us?  Want to use James A Scharf?

When in the long run has these choices worked out for you?  In the short term you hurt me or Carol or those around us, but it always comes back on you.  Dysfunctional people such as yourself do not see the trap you are in and force others to be involved with.  Carol and I will always defend ourselves from corrupt people such as you and now the pendulum is going to fall back onto you and cost you greatly as a result.

I would encourage you to consider these points, because you and Western Seminary et al will now answer for the damage done to my family (Susan and Joel), Carol, Dale and me both in the short and long term.  It will be all over the internet, newspapers and in my book.  It will rise to the level of being completely out of control. You will suffer and those around you will suffer as a result.  I don’t expect you to realize the connection because it has apparently not dawn on you or anyone else for years.

You did this to yourself.  Remember Steve – we don’t want anything to do with you, you forced and defended the relationship we wanted to end.

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