Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Steve Korch : on the darkest day

"HOPE: On the Darkest Day."

"I believe I need to linger at the base of a cross with my Redeemer still upon it and absorb the reality of what happened on that day. The Cross is proof that I’m guilty. I must resist moving past this day too quickly for my understanding of Easter is dependent on my understanding of Good Friday.  But I also believe that the Cross is indisputable evidence that God loves me—not in a soft, tenderhearted way but with a deep, fierce, scandalous love. The Cross is tangible proof that I’m forgiven. Sin has been defeated—it’s over!"

I like to focus profoundly on "grace" as a means to cover for what I have done and continue to do.  I believe that we are justified freely by God's grace through the redemption that came by Christ Jesus, as God presented Christ as a sacrifice of atonement, through the shedding of his blood—to be received by faith.   In so doing, regardless of my past or future sin, I am covered.  Thus, if I lie, threaten people, destroy lives with my false witness, work with others (Christians) to do the same, we are all covered because we are justified through Christ.  (" ... Cross is tangible proof that I’m forgiven. Sin has been defeated... ")

What I actually practice is Antinomianism.

In Christianity, an Antinomianism "refers to the doctrine that it is not necessary for Christians to preach and/or obey the moral law of the OT. There have been several different justifications for this view down through the centuries. Some have taught that once persons are justified by faith in Christ, they no longer have any obligation toward the moral law because Jesus has freed them from it. A variant of this first position is that since Christ has raised believers above the positive precepts of the law, they need to be obedient only to the immediate guidance of the Holy Sprit, who will keep them from sin. A second view has been that since the law came from the Demiurge (as in Gnosticism) and not from the true, loving Father, it was a Christian's duty to disobey it. Third, others have said that since sin is inevitable anyway, there is no need to resist it. An extension of this view is the contention of some that since God, in His eternal decree, willed sin, it would be presumptuous to resist it. Finally, still others have opposed the preaching of the law on the grounds that it is unnecessary and indeed, contrary to the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The Christian community as a whole has rejected antinomianism over the years for several reasons. It has regarded the view as damaging to the unity of the Bible, which demands that one part of the divine revelation must not contradict another. Even more important, it has argued that antinomians misunderstood the nature of justification by faith, which, though granted apart from the works of the law, is not sanctification. In general, orthodoxy teaches that the moral principles of the law are still valid, not as objective strivings but as fruits of the Holy Spirit at work in the life of the believer. This disposes of the objection that since the law is too demanding to be kept, it can be completely thrust aside as irrelevant to the individual living under grace."[1]

Because my theological position is that whatever I have done wrong, or will do, is implicitly covered by Christ as a sacrifice of atonement for my sin, I can continue to go on doing what I have done, implicitly, because I am justified through Christ.

In other words:

• I can mislead with others at Western Seminary, and attorneys, and accreditors the public and the court at will, because regardless of my sinning, both current or future, ... I am justified through Christ.

• I can disregard the request of Bard Marshall and the church for me to step down from speaking since....regardless of my sinning, both current or future, ... I am justified through Christ.

• I can destroy lives with others because regardless of my sinning, both current or future, ... I am justified through Christ.

I actually have a warped view of atonement and sanctification as I view grace as an inexhaustible resource.  AS I SEE IT, regardless of what I have done, regardless of what I will do, I am covered, because I am justified through Christ.

What I have actually done is fail to view grace and the work on the Cross as something that I should use and rely upon sparingly.  My theological view puts Jesus and the work on the Cross as another thing I can manipulate to cover what I have done, continue to do and help me deal with the outcomes of the life long damage I have caused to others through my repeated actions.

I can sin and then read my bible, pray to god, remember the Cross and poof, I am cleansed and covered.  Regardless of what I have done, regardless of the damage I have caused by my actions, regardless what I continue to do, I just need to remember the Cross and that I am justified.

My manipulated theological view grants me license via the Cross to cover my ass regardless of what I have done or will do or the life long damage I cause.


Friday, March 20, 2015

Steve Korch : My take on the Faith Baptist Statement

I like Bard, but the reality is, I am forgiven and that is all that matters.  I need to keep on speaking so that people are edified by me.... how else would they know about Jesus? This is the requirement of my life, my burden that I must carry, in order to promote Jesus to all willing to listen to my hope message.

Steve Korch : Why I don't actually look beyond myself

In in 2002 and then in 2005, I was finally confronted about molesting a girl in 1975, by the very victim herself.  Since that time, I have blamed others, including Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson for this.  Looking back, in fact, it was she in 2002 that confronted me via email and then it was she in 2005 sitting in the deposition confronting me.

Since that time, she has also confronted me - labeling me a Bastard, making out a statement concerning what happen, and even going to the church I was ordinated at.

Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson never wrote these things, or caused my victim to do these things..... but the reality of this, this is not something I can accept.

All my religious friends gathered around me and covered for me.

Well today, musing with my standard insightful religious rhetoric I stated, "It means that I must repeatedly give up the desperate attempt to be the hero of my own story and willingly give that role to the one who is my Redeemer God. I must choose to place full confidence in Him as my only true hope."

After being confronted about molesting a child in 1975 and the ongoing cover up that took place, I proceeded to threaten everyone that had knowledge of the events, who would not cover for me.  In short, I took over to be my own hero and used others to spar with anyone with knowledge of who I really am.  In so doing I destroyed many lives.

You see, I might claim God, but in reality, I am my own God... I am my own redeemer.  I rejected who I publicly call "my Redeemer God" and proceeded to redeem myself using lies and misrepresentations, and threats from an array of attorneys.   I did this because I am actually a narcissistic.

In fact, I actually like to re-write the story time and time again because evangelicals who follow me are not bright and refuse to consider what was actually going on.

So for many years, I stated:  

The current fabrication story is (March 20, 2015)

What I don't want people to know is:

• I was actually confronted in 2002 by my victim and she made this public.

• I was actually confronted in person by my victim in 2005 at my deposition on June 24, 2005.  The victim herself walks in front the camera and she made this public.

• I was actually confronted by letter to me and others on Jan 19, 2006 which stated in part:

"All parties involved should be advised that the current congregation of Faith Baptist Church has been made aware of this moral failure that took place in 1975. They should also be aware that the leadership of Faith Baptist has expressed its opinion to Steve that, given the public nature of this sin, for the sake of the name of Christ, the more honorable course of action may be for him to voluntarily step down from his position of public ministry. " -- of course, I disregarded Bard Marshall and the church and continue speaking, while threatening Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson.

While I claim I have been restored, 30 plus years later, the very church I was ordained did not buy it and asked that I step down.  Had I actually been restored and transformed, this never would had been an issue.  This 2006 letter itself is titled "An open letter to..."

• I was actually confronted by my victim in May 2006 again at Saratoga Federated Church with my wife and pastor Russ Ikeda. I actually had to be prodded by Ikeda to say I was sorry.  This could never be a private meeting covered by the Clergy-Penitent Privilege and this has also been made public.

In fact, I attempted to cover up a meeting at a camp in which I spoke at, claiming "the Clergy-Penitent Privilege" among other things in an all out bid to cover up what was said and going on.  The court force me, my attorneys and others at Western Seminary to pay $1925 for such a malformed argument that had no basis in law.

With the involvement of Bert Downs, Randal Roberts, Rob Wiggins, Gary Tuck and Lynn Ruark, and attorneys Ellen Hung, Andrew Adler, and Linda McPharlin, with Superior Court Judge Leonard Sprinkles  I actually attempted to cover all of this up.  

I don't want anyone to know the truth, don't want anyone to question my story, and I don't want anyone to question my "Redemption Story" I spin to everyone.

Most of all, I don't want anyone to know the law about Child Molestation in the state and that by using my mouth, fingers and penis on my victim, had she testified, my life would had been different.  

Because others covered for me and because I screwed her up so emotionally, her parents would not allow her to testify, given the further damage it would put her through.

• Acts Motivated by Unnatural or Abnormal Sexual Interest.People v. Maurer (1995) 32 Cal.App.4th 1121, 1126-1227 [38 Cal.Rptr.2d 335]; In re Gladys R. (1970) 1 Cal.3d 855, 867 [83 Cal.Rptr. 671, 464 P.2d 127]. 
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• Lewd Act Not Required. People v. Thompson (1988) 206 Cal.App.3d 459, 465-466 [253 Cal.Rptr. 564]. 
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"Annoy" and "molest" are synonymous and generally refer to conduct designed to disturb, irritate, offend, injure, or at least tend to injure, another person. (People v. Lopez (1998) 19 Cal.4th 282, 289 [79 Cal.Rptr.2d 195, 965 P.2d 713]; People v. Carskaddon (1957) 49 Cal.2d 423, 426 [318 P.2d 4].) "Annoy means to disturb or irritate, especially by continued or repeated acts . . . . [�] '[M]olest' [means] . . . 'to interfere with or meddle with unwarrantably so as to injure or disturb.' " (People v. Pallares (1952) 112 Cal.App.2d Supp. 895, 901 [246 P.2d 173].) A photographer can "annoy" a minor by taking the minor's photograph in a public place in an offensive and irritating manner. (See Ecker v. Raging Waters Group, Inc. (2001) 87 Cal.App.4th 1320, 1325 [105 Cal.Rptr.2d 320].) A lewd act is not required. (People v. Thompson (1988) 206 Cal.App.3d 459, 465-466 [253 Cal.Rptr. 564].)

My story is not about redemption or about God. My story is about using my Christian friends, employer Western Seminary and attorneys to threaten people, lying and cheating to get my way.  

I am my own redeemer; I am my own god. 

I don't need Hope.... I just need people to cover my ass.

People are completely foolish to believe in anything else about me.

P.S. If Randy Chapel or Carol Nye-Wilson say anything, provide any documents which contradict my various incantations of god's grace or informs the actual events, I can actually make money on the deal

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Steve Korch : Western Seminary's groovy new shirts

Here at my employer Western Seminary, we have groovy new shirts people can buy.  In this case, this shirt references the ability of students to earn education via covering for child molestations, educational fraud and a corrupt government.

Many generations of students have trained here at Western Seminary with great pride. After all, God has done great things through their time with us. In that school pride, we often have folks ask if there is any way to purchase Western Seminary apparel or gear that highlights the place they’ve trained. Now, we can answer that question with a resounding “yes”!

Just call me up 408.356.6889 x408 and I can set you up with various items that reflect our real values.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Steve Korch : My "I don't like to wait" hope post

I don't like to wait because I am use to getting what I want.

When I don't get what I want, I will bully people or threaten people, until I get what I want.

I have even been sued for assault!

In 2005-2006,  I demanded that no one talk about me molesting a child in 1975 and forced my will onto everyone else.

I threaten my employer Western Seminary and I used them to threaten Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson.

I even hired an attorney to threaten Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson to get what I want.

I was able to get a special, under the table deal that Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson did not know about to screw Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson over.

I got what I want, impacting many people for life as a result.  But that is because I want things and I don't like to wait.   This is who I really am.  The whole Christian rhetoric I use is just filler and because people actually buy into it. Silly Christians.