Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Steve Korch : Faith Baptist Church letter concerning child molestation by Steve Korch

Jane Doe
my child molestation victim

This letter comes from Faith Baptist Church, which handled my ordination. I was asked to step down, to which I refused. After Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson were intentionally silenced in the settlement agreement for Western Seminary and my  interests, Bard Marshall then started back up giving speaking references for me. To this day, my ordination has never been pulled, while public money was used to cover all of this up - from the Church, Western Seminary donors, students and public.  Randy Chapel and Carol Nye-Wilson are complete idiots to think they could take me down.

Faith Baptist Church
P.O. Box 570
Lincoln City, OR 97367 
(541) 994-9106 

An open letter to XXXX, Carol, and Steve: 

The Deacon board of Faith Baptist Church recognizes the tragic nature of the sin that took place in April and May of 1975, and its terrible consequences for all who were involved.. We would agree with Steve's description that his actions were "deplorable." Had the church known of this moral failure in 1978, it is probable that they would not have called Steve Korch to be their pastor, and it is equally likely that, had the ordination council in 1980 known of this moral failure, they would not have recommended his ordination. 

However, we as a deacon board feel that Steve acted responsibly when xxxx addressed him on the afternoon of April the 23rd of 2002 and he replied the morning of April the 24th at 10:33am, stating that "I am deeply sorry for that (my actions) and hope that you will be able to forgive me for the pain I have caused. Please forgive me for how I acted toward you." It is also our belief that Steve took every precaution not to enter into this temptation again. The testimony of a secretary who worked with him for 5 years at Faith Baptist Church indicates that he had given specific instructions to her not to leave him alone with a woman in his office. He also instructed the single youth leaders that they were never to be alone with young ladies. In the last 30 years, no one else has come forward to say that he has again committed an immoral act. Weighing these issues, the deacon board of Faith Baptist Church unanimously agrees not to remove Steve Korch's ordination. Steve has not violated the covenant he made with this church, and has not given the church any reason to withdraw his ordination since it was first issued. 

All parties involved should be advised that the current congregation of Faith Baptist Church has been made aware of this moral failure that took place in 1975. They should also be aware that the leadership of Faith Baptist has expressed its opinion to Steve that, given the public nature of this sin, for the sake of the name of Christ, the more honorable course of action may be for him to voluntarily step downfrom his position of public ministry. It is our prayer that there would be healing for all parties involved. xxxx and Carol, Christ suffered greatly as he bore all of our sin in his body on the cross. His love caused to him to say of his tormentors, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do." It has been observed that no one acts so much like Christ as when they forgive another. Steve, Christ's great love also caused him to lay aside all his glory and humble himself, even to death, in order to redeem us. The path of following Jesus always involves denying ourselves. No one will win in this situation by trying to win. "Nothing in all creation is hidden from God's sight. Everything is uncovered and laid bare before the eyes of him to whom we must give account."-Heb 4:13, NIV. 


Pastor Bard Marshall 

Jeff England, Chairman